St. Croix Rods Custom Ice Fishing Rod



Introducing the St. Croix Rods Custom Ice Fishing Rod, a premium and high-performance fishing rod designed for ice anglers of all skill levels. Handcrafted in the USA, this custom rod is built with a blend of high-modulus graphite and linear S-glass for unparalleled strength and sensitivity. The custom design allows for ultimate precision and control when fishing in harsh winter conditions, while the split-grip handle provides maximum comfort and ergonomics. The rod also features an innovative reel seat with a custom insert for secure reel placement and reduced weight. Whether you’re targeting panfish or bigger game fish, the St. Croix Rods Custom Ice Fishing Rod is the perfect choice for any ice angler looking for a top-quality, reliable, and customizable fishing rod. Elevate your ice fishing experience with St. Croix’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.,


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